Professional Powder Coating & Fabrication

Powder Coating Professionals

Along with excellent customer service, Outlaw Powder Coating & Fabrication also offers competitive pricing on all products and services.  

There are many different methods of powder coating, but generally, free-floating powder is applied to a surface and then bonded with heat to create a lasting coating. The results are spectacular! Powder coating can withstand far more abuse 10 times longer than regular paints. Powder coating also has a quicker drying time, and because it’s thicker, powder coating requires fewer layers. Powder coating is the smart choice because it saves you money.

  • Colors last longer and are more vibrant
  • No need for finishers or sealants
  • Environmentally friendly | toxin free
  • Thick finish, so no need for second or third coatings
  • More color and pattern options than liquid paint

Powder Coating

Outlaw Powder Coating & Fabrication has a dedicated team that is committed to giving you the best possible customer service.

Fabrication & Welding

Outlaw Powder Coating & Fabrication welder has over 20 years experience. Bring your toughest projects.



Outlaw Powder Coating & Fabrication has over 15 years experience in sandblasting. On-site or mobile.